Covid-19 Protocols - Memorial Laxmas Classic



A few things to update as we approach the tourney and in consideration for respecting the protocols set out by the government. Our goal is to have some great lacrosse and keep everyone safe by following and respecting the protocols.


Before entering Memorial Arena

Please arrive 45 – 60 minutes before your first game to ensure check in is complete. There will be a QR code for each person entering the building to scan for screening, that green checkmark along with proof of double vaccination and ID are required for everyone 12 and over.


Masks to be worn at all times

Masks must be worn at all times inside the facility. Players are permitted to remove their masks for game play only. Coaches are asked to keep their masks on during games.


Dressing room assignments and area    

Dressing rooms are to be available 20 minutes prior to your scheduled game and this dressing room area downstairs is for players and Team personnel ONLY. Please ensure parents and families are not in this area


Attendance and expectation    

In order to keep our occupancy level reduced to levels based on the restriction we ask that families maintain social distancing, not linger in the front hallways and lobby as well as not linger around watching other games. While we understand many like to watch other competition the government mandated requirements, we are unable to allow that extended viewing opportunity and apologize


Safety and sanitization


City of Brampton staff will be sanitizing high use areas, dressing rooms, players’ benches throughout the day and every evening the turf is sanitized. This has been the protocol since the beginning of the pandemic and a very regimented process