Box League Gala Day


The 2018/2019 Box League wrapped up 16 weeks of play on Saturday, March 2nd.  There was a great atmosphere of sportsmanship and camaraderie as final standings were put to the test with some very intense and exciting games.

Final standing were:

Tyke Gold Medal Winners: Purple (8) over Green (7)  

Novice Gold Medal Winners: Green (4) over Purple (2)

Peewee Gold Medal Winners: Purple (6) over Grey (5) - shootout

Bantam Gold Medal Winners: Grey (5) over Orange (4) - shootout

Midget Gold Medal Winners: Gold (8) over Teal (4)

Tyke Bronze Medal Winner: Teal (13) over Grey (6)

Novice Bronze Medal Winner: Grey (9) over Teal (8)

Peewee Bronze Medal Winner: Teal (3) over Green (2)

Bantam Bronze Medal Winner: Green (7) over Gold (2)

Midget Bronze Medal Winner: Grey (3) over Maroon (1)

Bantam Consolation Final - Teal (3) vs Maroon (3)

Midget Consolation Final -  Orange (9) vs Green (1)

I would like to personally thank Derek 'Tiny' Enros  for his assistance and leadership this season on the dates I was unable to supervise league play due to conflicts on my schedule.  His help on the back end enabled the league to run efficiently in my absence.

Huge thanks to our officials for making the safety of our players priority and to our scorekeepers who kept things running on time.  To all of our coaches, we appreciated your time, encouragement, guidance and motivation for the players.  Without your support and dedications, the box league program would not be where it is today.

Parents - A special thanks to you, for getting your athletes to the league games each week.   We are appreciative of your support as we would not be able to function without you. 

Good luck to all of the athletes in their respective house league or club representative programs this upcoming summer.  I look forward to seeing you on a field, turf or box pad soon!